What’s the difference between your services and an inpatient program?

Having over three decades of experience with sobriety and having successfully started and operated a couple recovery centers, I have a unique understanding of the recovery process, both operationally and practically.

The business side of recovery has taken away from the quality and attention that an addict needs in the early stages of recovery. The success rates of recovery centers are therefore now less than 20 percent, while over 60 percent of my clients have achieved long term sobriety. 

What is your approach? 

I evaluate every aspect of my client’s life in real time, and I help them adjust to a healthy, structured lifestyle that provides the foundation for a sustained recovery. Recovery is a lifestyle. Most addicts have little insight into this lifestyle shift after going through the standard inpatient treatment process.

What is your breadth of your life experience?

I have lived in Europe, Britian, the Middle east and now the US. I have gone through the most challenging of life’s experiences while being sober and I have guided others through extremely challenging times. I have lived a life of great success, both financially and socially and I understand the unique challenges that success and failure can produce in an addict’s life. 

What do you charge Florida residents?

Because my primary focus is my local sober community, I offer a steep discount for Florida residents. The regular price is $5,000 a week; for Florida residents it is $2,900. The level of service and attention that I give to my clients is well beyond inpatient programs that charge $90,000 a month and more.

Do you hire other people?

When there is too great a demand and the service need is immediate, I refer clients to other sober coaches who are well qualified and have a success rate similar to mine.

Do you work off the 12-step program?

The fellowship has the highest success rate of all treatment options. Much like the 12-step program, I incorporate every aspect of spiritual treatment that is necessary to overcome this spiritual malady. I help the client take a deep look at every aspect of life that has a manifestation of these maladaptive traits. This comprehensive approach not only helps ensure recovery but also transforms the client’s life and enhances life for the client’s loved.