How The Sober Coach Helps Addicts To Recover.


Addiction is a devastating and heartbreaking disease. Sober coaches are for those who struggle with actual abuse or their loved ones who witness their descent. There is a constant battle with the darker aspects of our nature. People tend to lose battle far too often.

Changing habits of any kind is a challenge for most people. Perhaps it’s that chocolate bar that you can’t seem to resist after dinner. Maybe those extra episodes on Netflix that keep you up all night.

Whatever the case may be, it will be even harder to change. Especially,

When you’re dealing with an inherently addictive substance. If we want to change our behavior regarding alcohol and drugs, that will be a challenging task.

Many people feel the impact of substance abuse in every aspect of their lives. It may include financial stress, legal issues, health issues, family arguments, and job loss.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fatal overdoses more than doubled during the pandemic. The total no of deaths was 100,000 between April 2015 and April 2021, a record-breaking figure.

Make sure you choose the right Recovery Coach.

Sober coaches should be in recovery themselves. It means they’ve been through the pain before. As professionals, they are intimately familiar with what it takes to set healthy boundaries, identify triggers, and stay sober.

Getting Help

The most challenging aspect of addiction is finding useful treatments. Particularly for teenagers or young adults. Many people find support from voluntary recovery groups, such as AA or NA. The support of a sponsor and the community is important. It can increase the chances of reaching sobriety.

The growth of sober coaches has also been helpful in addiction cure. Therapists and outpatient programs do not offer 24/7 service to individuals struggling with abuse. The coach may meet with the client’s family to discuss enabling or codependent behaviors. Clients may receive home visits or attend recovery meetings or treatment programs.

How does a sober coach differ from a therapist?

Psychotherapists are clinically trained to treat psychological issues. If we talk about sober coaches, they specialize only in addiction recovery. Sober coaches are often in recovery themselves. So they have firsthand experience of addiction and a passion for helping others. They are willing to share their experiences with their clients as well.

Get started with a Sober Coach.

I am an Addiction Recovery Coach who has a vast knowledge of substance use disorders. I’ve been trained by some of the best in the field. I am active in many recovery communities in Atlanta and all over the USA.

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